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I'm Carolina and I'm a lot like you!

Hi, My name is Carolina. I help leaders who are feeling in the pressures and demands of society free themselves and create a lifestyle that serves them.

I’m an International Coach Federation-Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher (500RYT), Tibetan Sound Healing Practitioner and a Women Circle Facilitator. I also have a BBA in International Business from the City University of New York and studied abroad in China.

I’m also a mom.

Becoming a mom was a dream come true for me but little did I know how much change it would bring to my life.

I was creating the life I wanted.

I worked in the companies I wanted, had my own business, got the college degree, found my soulmate, traveled abroad, moved across the country, bought a house ... and then became a stay home mom (... a role I never envisioned for myself).

Life was great for a while …. but somewhere along the way I got lost ...

I was letting others to define who I was in this role and I lost the connection to me.

Yes, I was reading my books, doing some yoga, meditating here and there, listening to affirmations but still I couldn't get myself off of the hamster wheel. I lived in go-go mode, wondering if this was just how life with kids was supposed to be and if this new never ending guilt feeling was also just part of it.

I felt alone in my own mess.

I felt angry for feeling this way and guilty (again) for having all these messy emotions.

I love my family, I LOVE my kids, so I was confused why I was feeling this way...

I knew, I needed some help. So I asked for it.

Remembering how much I loved traveling, I decided to go on a solo trip to India to do an aryuveda retreat and finish my second yoga training.

And I went.

For two whole months.

Yes, leaving 2 small kids at home.

Yes, to all kinds of sanity-questions, jeers and judgements from all kinds of people and also from within.

But going on this journey, giving myself the gift of focusing on me again, turned out to be the best thing I could have done...for myself...AND my family. Because I came back Centered. Present. Joyful. And fully committed to embrace it all…(with ease).

My soul found home, my body found balance and my mind found clarity.

Breathwork, Yoga & Coaching changed it all.

Now, I use with my clients the same evidence based and powerful spiritual tools that helped me in my own self-healing and self-growth journey.

Because if YOU are committed to your self-growth and YOU take the needed action, your life will change forever for the better and the life of those around you will change as well. Including your loved ones.

Your actions are Powerful!


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